Spanish Wills

There is no legal obligation to make a Spanish Will. An English Will covering the Spanish property will be perfectly valid. However problems can be encountered if the lawyer instructed in Spain is not familiar with the UK probate procedure, which is when serious delays can occur.

We are experts in this area and can advise on both English and Spanish succession law. We are used to dealing with Spanish estates and obtaining "Spanish probate" where the deceased left a Spanish Will and/or an English Will and in some rare cases, no Will at all. If however, your English Will is complex and does not make it clear who will inherit the Spanish property then this could cause delays and increase the amount of Spanish inheritance tax ultimately payable.

Making a Will is important as this is the only way to ensure that your property and possessions will go where you want them to after your death.

As part of our service we can:-

• Provide advice on Spanish succession law
• Prepare a Spanish Will in accordance with your wishes and provide an English translation
• Arrange a Notary appointment for you to sign the Will

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