Spanish Property Reports

Not sure whether to believe everything you have been told about the Spanish property? Are you still deciding whether you should sign the Contract and pay the deposit?

It is our experience that a purchaser is often put under pressure to sign a contract within a short period of paying a reservation fee. The contract will often state that the purchaser accepts the planning and legal position with regard to the land/property, often before he has had the opportunity to investigate the legal position. This means that if the Seller does not have planning permission for the property or other important documents then by signing the contract and paying over the deposit the buyer is deemed to have accepted the defects.

SJ Stoker Solicitors will contact the Seller to request information and legal documents regarding the property and we will then provide you with a complete property report on our findings, before you sign the contract and part with your money. Please note that this is a limited service and is suitable if you already have a Solicitor and just want a second opinion or if you just want to know more about the property before you part with your deposit. Following receipt of our property report you may wish to proceed with your purchase and we would be happy to deal with the Spanish conveyancing for you, which is a more comprehensive service.

In our property report we can:

• Explain the terms and conditions of your purchase contract, checking that the property will, under your contract, be sold free of mortgages, charges and debts or advising you of any restrictions to your contractual rights to unimpeded title;
• Carry out all necessary checks
• Prepare a full report in plain English, setting out the results of our enquiries and our recommendations concerning the purchase generally.

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